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As we enter into a new school year, we ALL need to start thinking and planning for the upcoming year. 

For Seniors, we look forward to the end of high school, and transitioning into post-secondary life (College, Military, Work), for Juniors, THIS IS THE YEAR THAT TRULY COUNTS, Sophomores, congratulations, you are no longer Freshmen, and Freshmen welcome to high school!!!

Looking ahead can be both exciting and frightening, but by planning ahead you can get ahead, and ensure a more successful future. So what should you be planning for? Well, just keep reading. 

SENIORS, if you have not taken any action on your post-secondary plan, then shame on you. By now, you should have either:

a. narrowed down and started applying to the colleges/universities of your choice (6 is the magic number: 2 Reach, 2 Match, 2 Safety)
b. completed the ASVAB and met with a recruiter
c. started nailing down a job

If you’re a Senior and you have accomplished the above, good for you! If not, GET ON IT!

JUNIORS, now is the time to start seriously considering your post-secondary plans. 

If it is college, then start researching now! Remember, the goal is to identify at 6 schools (2 Reach, 2 Match, 2 Safety).

If the goal is military, research which branches and jobs are the best fit for you. You also might want to consider a Military School while you’re at it.

And no matter what your plans, you need to get ready for the SAT and ACT.  

ALL Juniors will take the SAT during the school day on Wednesday March 1
but you should also plan to register for both the ACT and SAT for the April, May and/or June tests.  

SOPHOMORES & FRESHMENtake every test seriously. 

I know you feel tested to death, but the bottom line is that these tests determine what classes you get to take. If you blow off ANY test, expect to be in a remedial class, or lose out on scholarship opportunities. Getting the classes you want next year vs. getting the classes you get, really is in your hands. 
Take. Every. Test. Seriously.

On a final note, make good grades. 

When you start applying for jobs, schools, or the military, you will use your JUNIOR YEAR CUMULATIVE GPA, which means that EVERY GRADE you make in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade COUNTS! If you wait until your Senior year to do well, it will be too late. Period. If you want the best chance of living your dreams after high school, make good grade now. Like, right this second.  

Seniors, your grades will determine if those acceptances stay put. It is called "resending." It is a real thing. Mess around your senior year and that acceptance in December can become a denial in May. 

Make. Good. Grades.

LASTLY - If you have not sign up and started using KHAN ACADEMY to prep for the SAT, boo on you. Sign up and use it. They also have some really cool videos to help with planning and applying for college!!! 2 birds, 1 stone.

See more videos here:

or here:

Khan Academy College Admissions YouTube Channel:

College Knowledge

college knowledge presentation
CLICK HERE for the College Knowledge Night Presentation.

3 Types of Post-Secondary Institutions

The State University System of Florida
These universities are PUBLIC, receiving most of their funding from the state government (and generally having cheaper tuition rates than private universities).
Example =  University of Central Florida, Florida State University, etc.

Website for the State University System of Florida (Public Universities)
CLICK HERE for the 2016 SUS Matrix - Up to date admissions and college info comparisons!

The PRIVATE College & Universities of Florida
These universities are PRIVATE, receiving funding from tuition fees and outside sources. Generally speaking these institutions have much higher tuition rates and fees. However there are numerous grants and opportunities to combat these large price tags. Don't rule these colleges out!
Example= Keiser University, Johnson & Wales University, etc.

Webpage for the Private Colleges & Universities of Florida

Updated matrix for PCUF will be posted soon!

State Colleges
Formerly known as "Community Colleges" 
Florida's College System 
is comprised of state colleges throughout Florida designed to be a 2-year (sometimes 4-year) or transfer institution for students. Most students attend the colleges to obtain an A.S. or certificate program, or to complete their 2-year A.A. degree in order to transfer to a University to continue their studies.
Example: Valencia College

FLDOE page for the Florida College System (Community Colleges)

Additional Resources for your College Search

Applying Regular Decision vs. Early Decision vs. Early Action

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College Terms for Parents (English)
College Terms for Parents (Spanish)
Parent Toolkit - *Large File*


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